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Stand Up/Parlour Performance

What is parlour magic?

Hundreds of years ago entertainment usually happened after dinner in the host drawing room or parlour area of the house. This style of magic is more formal and able for medium to large audiences.  While the magic is not performed Close up, it is designed specifically for larger viewers. Magic done with cups, ropes, cards and even the spectator's mind are all part of this exciting style of magic. 


While this type of magic is best for a seated audience you can still use this type of performance for many different types of events. Have a sales meeting with a message that you would like to deliver to your attendees? Make it magical by adding Doc to present, or even better incorporate the message or product in his presentation.  Doc can even incorporate the CEO or owner in with the customized presentation! Magic is a very powerful tool to communicate all different types of messages, meanings, emotions,etc. 

Pro Tip- Most clients pair the close up and parlour performances together for maximum impact and value. Ask Doc about package rates to maximize you creativity!

need the advice of a pro?

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